Okay, so let me get this straight-BP CEO Tony Heyward goes down to his yacht for some down time to watch some boat races while everyone in the gulf whose lives him and his company completely screwed are suffering? This just adds insult to injury, rubs salt in the wound, or whatever analogy you prefer to use in this situation.  The fact that he would even consider relaxing for a second while honest working people’s lives are falling apart due to his company’s lack of safety standards is completely absurd to me.  Call me crazy, but the last thing I would be thinking about is my yacht when I should be exploring every angle on how to cap the spill.  Heyward could have been working hard drawing up new plans for recruiting more scientists for better input, consulting the government on how his company could best contain the spill and clean it up, or even pay a visit to the gulf coast residents whose lives he has destroyed (not that they would want a visit from him after this latest shenanigan of taking a break from at least trying to better gulf coast residents’ lives).  The last thing a CEO should be doing is taking a break from at least trying to make things right with his company, the government, and the gulf residents.  Shame on him, and thank God we have a lawyer in the white house to hold BP fully accountable for all the mistakes they made and continue to make.


Ron Paul, knowing full well that BP is fully responsible for the oil spill and that President Obama should share virtually none of the blame, gives an open defense of our President on CNBC.  It’s good to finally see at least one libertarian (his views almost certainly put him in this category) taking up for a liberal doing all he can to hold BP accountable through government means.  You just don’t see it that much nowadays-way to go, Ron.